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About Rob

If you've ever dreamed of marketing your service business online, to grow your revenues to six-figures and beyond, then you're in the right place!

Hi there, my name is Rob Abbey, and I'd like to welcome you to my blog. I am a Marketing Consultant, Strategy Coach and all-round Techy Person.

I help Business Owners package, market and sell their services online. I show them how to structure and automate their business so that they can bring their revenues to six figures and beyond. I help people earn more, so that they can stop struggling, and start making a good living from what they do - the ultimate goal of which, is to help them create a lifestyle that they love.

I try to practice what I preach here, so I share my thoughts, experiences, wins (and struggles + frustrations. Oh yes, there are those too!) with you, as I build my own business, using the tools, techniques and strategies that I test and teach!

What I do

I'm a technically-minded Marketing Professional, with additional training in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and Content Creation.

I use this combination of skills to teach others how to package and market their service-businesses online. I offer training and consultancy on the best strategy for each individual business, as well as "done-with-you" and "done-for-you" services, based on your specific goals and the needs of your business.

My Professional Background

I'm a trained Marketing professional, having graduated in 1995 with a joint degree in Marketing and Management from Trinity College Dublin and the Dublin Institute of Technology. (20 years have flown!) 

Even then, I was crazy about the online world. In 1994/1995 I completed one of the very first undergraduate theses, worldwide, on online marketing, entitled "Marketing on the World Wide Web - building a paradigm for internet-based commerce". One day, I was taken aside by a kind lecturer and advised to change my thesis topic, as the "powers that be" in the college believed that the Internet was for techies would never take off as a business medium!

Needless to say, I persisted and completed my thesis, as planned. In a lovely case of "I told you so", those same "Powers that be" attended the launch of a prestigious university publication, 18 months later in "Planet Web", the Internet Cafe that I set up and managed in Dublin's Temple Bar (again a bit of an internet first!). I didn't say anything... I just let the surroundings speak for me.

Over the years, I've worked in Marketing/Management at Senior Level in a number of billion-dollar turnover companies. In 2011, I got sick of building other peoples' businesses, and started using my skills to build my own. The rest, as they say, is history!

About this blog

This is my business blog. It is focused on providing advice, marketing strategy and technical "how-tos" to help you grow your service business by creating online offerings.

Who this blog is for

Although I provide lots of advice that is suitable for a whole range of businesses online, my courses and in-person work specifically focuses on the following area;

The type of people I work with are Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Professional Advisors, Speakers, Experts of any kind... basically anybody who uses their knowledge, skills and experience to help others. (So that covers a LOT of people!).

I specifically work with people that want to create online businesses that offer them a "Freedom Lifestyle".  My definition of a "freedom lifestyle" is a life consciously designed by you, to meet your everyday wants and needs, as well as your longer-term aspirations.

I help them to create a business that supports their lifestyle goals, by showing them how to package, market and sell their services online. I show them how to create online products and services (think Online Courses, Membership Sites & High-end Coaching), so that they can leverage their knowledge, and scale, to make greater revenue from what they do.  This means that they can finally stop defaulting to the standard of "trading time for money". I also teach how to create high-end "Signature" programmes and coaching services for more lucrative one-to-one work.

My goal is to create insightful, motivational and practical training content that you can immediately put to work in marketing your lifestyle business. If you run your own service business, need more clients and want to branch-out online, then this blog is for you! I post new articles and videos at least once a week. To make sure that you don't miss new posts, you can sign up to my email list, and I'll send you my best stuff!

What it takes to make Six-Figures online...

Many Service Business Owners struggle - trading time for money.

They find it hard to believe that there is another way to make a great living, working less, and serving a larger audience. They just don't believe that they can make the types of revenues they dream of. I teach them the strategies, systems and steps to challenge this thinking, and start making their dreams a reality.

Here are just some ways that ordinary people, just like you, are making six-figures online - you don't have to do them all, just choose one... each brings in six-figures revenue per annum;


x €297 Online Course Sales


x €997 Membership Site Members


x $3,000 Live/Streamed Workshop Attendees


x $5,000 Speaking Engagements


x $10,000 High-end Clients

15 Ways to package your services online

Here's how I can help you

  • 1

    Six-Figure Strategy Session

    Consult with me, one-to-one, in a dedicated online coaching session. Book online and meet in my private teleconference.

A Six-Figure Strategy Session is the perfect way to pick my brain, ask for advice or how-to information, or to brainstorm any aspect of packaging, marketing or selling your services online. Popular subjects include;

  • Packaging your services
  • What products to offer
  • "How-to" information
  • Marketing your offerings
  • Putting systems in place
  • Technology help & advice

  • 2

    Six-Figure Email Automation

    They say that the money is in your list. Let me help you to build your own list, by creating your automated email system.

Think beyond static email lists. Six-Figure businesses use behaviour tracking and email automation to uncover client interests and promote relevant products. This service includes;

  • Account Setup & Installation
  • Initial training & List setup
  • Importation of existing list
  • Behaviour tracking setup
  • If-then-else automation
  • Training & support

  • 3

    Six-Figure Membership Sites

    Build your very own Membership Site or Online Course. Leverage your knowledge and scale to create a high-end revenue stream.

Memberships and Online Courses are a great way to teach what you know, create lucrative new revenue streams and free you from one-to-one work. I can show you how to;

  • Pick the right topics
  • Brainstorm your content
  • Create training materials
  • Setup your membership site
  • Secure your content
  • Market & take payment

  • 4

    Six-Figure School of Business

    If you want to create your very own "Lifestyle Business" by packaging, marketing and selling your services online, then this is the training for you!

Based around my popular infographic - "7 Proven Steps to Create a Six-Figure Service Business - by packaging, marketing and selling your services online" - this online course brings you from complete beginner to seasoned online marketer in only 8 weeks. Topics include;

  • Six-Figure Marketing
  • Six-Figure Approaches
  • Six-Figure Systems
  • Six-Figure Technology
  • Six-Figure Platforms
  • Six-Figure Sales Funnels

  • 5

    Six-Figure Mentorship

    This is my bespoke "Done with you" or "Done for you" service. You can retain me to work on your project as your needs arise.

This is my premium, in-person, work. You can retain me as a consultant/advisor to your project, or you can hire me to complete and deliver key aspects of the work for you. Deliverables can include;

  • Product Mix Brainstorming
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • System Development
  • Technical Setup
  • Sales & Payment Funnels

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Some of my skills & experience

  • Landing Page Setup

    Landing page design and integration with email automation.

  • Free-Gift Creation

    Design of downloads, infographics and video training series.

  • Email Automation

    Setup, integration and automation based on subscriber behaviour.

  • Video Creation

    Scripting, filming and editing of web video and screencasts.

  • Graphic/Web Design

    Trained in Graphic Design. Experienced in developing WordPress websites.

  • Membership Sites

    Content development, site setup, membership levels and third-party service integration.

  • Sales Funnel Creation

    Creation of content, as well as integration with email and payment gateways.

  • Payment Integration

    Setting up multiple payment gateways, various pricing levels,  and once-off or recurring subscriptions.

Work In Progress

All Ears English

Boston & New York, USA

With over 8.3 million downloads of their English Podcast, Lindsay, Michelle & Jessica at All Ears English are one of the top websites for students who hope to pass the IELTS exam. I'm currently developing the website for their, soon to be announced, online training course. Their content and approach is amazing, so I have no doubt that their membership site is going to be a great success!



Galway, Ireland

YourOnline.Training is the brainchild of experienced Technology Trainer, Eithne Dolan. Having spent the last 15 years teaching I.T. skills in a traditional classroom format, Eithne has launched her new startup to help businesses create online courses and training for their staff and customers. I've helping her to create her 5-part Video Training Series, and we're currently developing her Signature Training Programme and marketing platform.


Dublin, Ireland

As a small, start-up in the Irish and UK Architectural Cladding market, is required to box way above its weight. Principal, Mark Walsh, has approached me to create a brand, website and digital brochure that positioned his business as a credible contender, in a market that's filled with larger, established brands. Mark supplies physical products, however his approach is totally about providing an excellent service first. Mark is working with me to create marketing assets that secure distribution licences, attract leads, and get in front of decision-makers such as Architects and Builders.


"I have found Rob to be very professional, extremely creative and comes up with really clever and innovative ideas. All these attributes are underpinned by Rob's energy which is infectious and makes working with him enjoyable. I know I can rely on Rob to do premium quality work for us every time and I have no hesitation in recommending him."
Mark Walsh,

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm proud of the work that I do, and I love sharing my skills, experience and advice with others who wish to create their own "Freedom Lifestyle", by growing their service businesses online. As somebody who is constantly working to create the type of business and lifestyle that I promote, I hope that I can serve as a trusted advisor and mentor to those who are behind me in that process.

I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - All of my online courses come with a 30 day, no questions asked, refund option. While, in my one-to-one work, I guarantee that every time we work together, you will learn something valuable, and that you will get closer to achieving your goals.
If not, we'll keep going until you're happy with your results.

People I Learn From




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About is the website/blog of Rob Abbey, an online marketing Coach & Trainer. Rob develops online courses and programmes to help service business owners package, market and sell their services online.